Michigan's Hunting Show

Offering a realistic view of hunting in Michigan.

100% Michigan Hunters. 100% Fair Chase.

Season 12 Is Here!

Season 12 DVD's are available now! Enjoy over 2 hours of 100% Michigan and 100% fair chase hunting. The season 12 DVD has some exciting bonus content that hasn't been aired online.

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I love this DVD! Real hunting with real people. The MWP crew have captured the essence of hunting in Michigan.

- Mike Avery, Outdoor Magazine TV/Radio

A realistic view of deer hunting here in Michigan that showcases the wide variety of hunting styles and tactics used throughout an entire deer season.

Jordan Browne, Michigan Out of Doors

"The MWP crew has really done a nice job! All fair chase and all Michigan!"

Jimmy Gretzinger, Michigan Out of Doors

Watch Online Episodes

We have teamed up with Fourth Arrow Brands to bring you the same accurate depiction of Michigan deer hunting you have come to expect from MWP but in an online format. Plus watch our MTP and MWP On The Road Episodes.