"A realistic view of deer hunting here in Michigan that showcases the wide variety of hunting styles and tactics used throughout an entire deer season."

    - Jordan Browne, Michigan Out of Doors

"The MWP Guys have really done a nice job! All fair chase and all Michigan!"

    - Jimmy Gretzinger, Michigan Out of Doors

"I love this DVD! Real hunting with real people. The MWP crew have captured the essence of hunting in Michigan."

    - Mike Avery, Outdoor Magazine TV/Radio

"The DVD was great!!! I am glad to support all things pro-Michigan. I will definitely be purchasing this dvd and watch MWP with my friends and family here on the east side of the state. I am glad to see a dvd show what real outdoorsman Michigan really has. A++++

    - Jeffery Ackerman, MWP fan


"The DVD was the best footage that I have ever seen!!! I love how close to home that it touches. As many Michigan hunters know it is not easy to get a record buck. I think that Michigan Whitetail Pursuit sums it up when it comes to michigan hunting. Way to go Guys and Gals!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next year."

    - Jenni Lund, MWP fan

"What a great DVD! It really captures how hunting in Michigan really is (right down the trespassers!). Overall, this is a great DVD with good footage. I am looking forward to more great videos made by MWP!"

    - Emily Sobolewski, MWP fan

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