MTP Season 5

We have teamed up with Fourth Arrow Brands to bring you the same accurate depiction of Michigan turkey hunting you have come to expect from MTP but in an online format. 

This partnership allows us the ability bring fans 100% Michigan hunts in a time frame that matches up with what our viewers are experiencing themselves. DVDs released in January simply didn't afford us that luxury. This new Online format allows you to follow along throughout our season- at zero cost! Share in our success and failures by subscribing- We will send you a quick email every time a new video is released! 

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Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.7
Cody finally gets the opportunity to bag a beautiful late season bird.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.6
John and Ryan went out for a morning turkey hunt in Genesee County, and it didn’t take too long for the action to start happening. John gets to put the smackdown on a beautiful Michigan bird.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.5
45 Minutes into the morning, 4 strutters come right in. Scott and Chad have a great morning hunt that could easily have been a double.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.4
Wind gusts up to 40-50 miles an hour isn't really the ideal weather for turkey hunting, but Ben didn't let that stop him. Ben makes the best of a small window of opportunity with only a few days left on his tag.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.3
In Episode 3 of Michigan Turkey Pursuit, Ryan and Theron head out on a morning hunt. The morning starts slow, but eventually it all comes together.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.2
In Episode 2 of Michigan Turkey Pursuit, Phil and Ryan head out on opening morning in hopes of bagging a gobbler. Phil lays the hammer down on a great Michigan bird.
Michigan Turkey Pursuit S5.1
In Episode 1 of Michigan Turkey Pursuit Season 5, Nick gets the chance to knock down his very first gobbler.