Two affordable MUST SEE hunting properties for SALE in Michigan

The decision to buy or sell hunting or farmland is going to be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, so don’t take it lightly! If you don’t currently own your own land, you might want to think about ‘gettin some’! A lot of people LEASE land these days for hunting. That can be great, but repeatedly there can be issues with other hunters, trespassers, the landowner, and paying money for something that leaves you with no equity. Two of the properties listed below would cost about as much per year as a big lease would cost. At the end of the day, you are a property owner who can control an amazing Michigan hunting property!


If you haven’t noticed, there is no more land being created. Have you ever seen a rural subdivision or strip mall torn down and put back to ‘nature’ the way it was? Rarely. Even though the Michigan economy is still working on picking back up, there still is vacant land being bought up and developed for commercial and residential use. You probably see it every day on your drive to work or your favorite hunting spot. So, you have decided that now is the time to purchase your own land for any number of the great reasons to do so. Where do you start? Do you talk to a lending institution first? Do you start browsing any of the many real estate listing sites out there? Do you talk with a qualified and licensed Realtor first? Do you sit down and talk with your buddy or co-worker who has recently purchased land? Any of these options is not a bad place to start, but there is a way to go about the process which will make it all much easier.


Being involved in farming and hunting for my entire 39 years of being on this earth, I have paid attention to what makes farmland, great farmland. I have paid attention to what makes hunting land, great hunting land. I also pay attention to people and what type of hunter, fishermen, or outdoorsmen they are and what they ‘need’ to make their outdoor experience a positive one. You don’t want to be a month into owning your new land and figure out it isn’t what you thought it was or wanted it to be. Because there are so many different types of sportsmen out there, and because there are a bazillion different combinations of habitats and features to a particular piece of land, I have come up with a ‘buyer’s checklist’ that I provide to a client to help me understand exactly what he/she is looking for. I can then take this information and compare it to a ‘report card’ that I have created for each real estate listing that I have.


Two examples I would like to highlight are great options for a Lansing or Grand Rapids hunter looking for quality deer and land ownership close to home. Check out this piece of Michigan hunting awesomeness! This 27+ acres has some of the best deer and big buck sign I have seen in a while.  The location couldn't get much better as hundreds of acres of woods, swamp and lakes lie to the north, north west, and north east.  Then a couple hundred acres of agriculture land lies directly across the road from this property.  A couple of food plots are already in place.  Tony Lapratt of Ultimate Land Management has written a plan to develop this property for trophy deer hunting and the landowner has spent approx. 2500 hours working that plan..........and it shows.  There is a mobile home on the property that has been gutted and is set up with tables, chairs, furniture, a wood stove and propane lights.  All box blinds and ladder stands stay with the property.

Another great listing built for hunting and affordability! New photos coming-24+ plus acres in Eaton County that is very affordable.  The property is all wooded and has a county drain going through it. The property is addressed on Pinch Hwy, but also borders M-100.  It also has a private road on one side of it, Natures Bounty.  Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions has walked the property and written a hunting/habitat plan. There are several food plot locations.


If you have interest in either of these properties or others on Chad’s site, give him a call at 517-819-6344 or message him on facebook at

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