Why you should be using legal mineral sites NOW for your Michigan deer!

Spring is here and now its time to start thinking deer management. One of the biggest jump-starts you could do to help your deer herd is setting up mineral stands. This will help the deer in replenishing everything they have lost over the winter. This will also help with does during their final few months of their pregnancy, along with lactation, help the yearlings get off to a healthier start, and help bucks with their new head gear. 
Putting out minerals in Michigan at this time is legal as long as its in a wildlife viewing area within 100 yards of your home. 
One of the minerals we have had the most success with is Pop's Loose Moose. This is a Michigan made product with less salt and more quality minerals for your deer. What we have noticed is that by having less salt it really extended the action we were seeing on the mineral stand much further into the hunting season over any other mineral on the market.
Pop's recommends using a stump over dumping your mineral on the ground for numerous reasons. It will save you money and create a physical check point deer are used to frequenting in there home range for you to hunt, somewhat like a primary scrape. If you really want to make a difference and see results, now is the time to make the biggest impact on your deer herd.

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