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We have teamed up with Fourth Arrow Brands to bring you the same accurate depiction of Michigan deer hunting you have come to expect from MWP but in an online format. 

This partnership allows us the ability bring fans 100% Michigan hunts in a time frame that matches up with what our viewers are experiencing themselves. DVDs released in January simply didn't afford us that luxury. This new Online format allows you to follow along throughout our season- at zero cost! Share in our success and failures by subscribing- We will send you a quick email every time a new video is released! 

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Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.11
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team members Adam and Ben share a couple of great hunts from their 2017 season.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.10
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit Team Members Tabby and Chris harvest 2 Michigan Whitetail Bucks during the early parts of Michigan's 2017 Firearm Season.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.9
Michigan 2017 Gun Opener: 2 Buck Hunts
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.8
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team harvests 2 great doe during Archery 2017
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.7
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team members take down two bucks. 
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.6 
2017 MWP Team members Nate and Gabe connect with Michigan Bucks during the Rut. Non-Typical Buck harvested.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.5 "Michigan Archery Season 2017 10 and 8 Points"
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team Members Amy and Jared harvest great Michigan Archery Bucks.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.4 "Disabled Veteran Hunt"
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team members have an opportunity to join long time friend and disabled Veteran Norm on Michigan's 2017 Independence hunt.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.3 "4 Doe Harvested"
In this episode you'll follow the Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team as they hunt and harvest four does. 
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.2 "Early Season Success"
Follow the Michigan Whitetail Pursuit team as they have early season success.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.1.5 "Michigan Youth Hunt 2"
Join the Michigan Whitetail Pursuit Team on 3 Michigan Youth Hunts from the 2017 Youth Hunt Season.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S8.1 "Michigan Youth Hunt 1"
The MWP team follows Gabey with his grandfather on his successful 2017 Michigan Youth Hunt.


Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.1 " Michigan Longbow Success" 

We thought it only fitting we kick off our web series with a traditional hunt.
For our opening episode we go back to the Roots of Bowhunting- Hitting the woods of Kent county with a Stick and String.
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.2 " Grandpa Gets it Done!"

Three Generations in a fixed blind with the goal of getting Grandpa a buck on film. The emotions run high on this one as we are able to give a little something back to a man who has given us so much.

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.3 "Tagged Out in Two Weeks" 
The last week of October proved to be a phenomenal week for Sam as he kills two Michigan bucks with a bow just six days apart. A season he won't soon forget!
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.4 "Opening Day Buck" 

Deer Camp holds a lot of memories for most Michigan hunters, and this year was no different. Join us as Mark and his dad get it done on a rather foggy and mild opening day in Mecosta County!
Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.5 "Three Years Coming"

Join us as we head back up to deer camp and Nate is able to snap a 3 year drought with a nice Michigan 11 point! 

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.6 " Youth Hunter Makes a Perfect shot on his first Buck!"
Sean heads out and is able to make a perfect shot on his first deer, a Mid Michigan buck! His reaction says it all! This memory is surely one both Sean and his dad will cherish.

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.7 "Thanksgiving Day"
Thanksgiving afternoon Calvin heads to Kalamazoo county, Michigan with his wife and ends up filling his last buck tag on a heavy eight point Sam had shot the year before!
 Tagged out in Michigan!

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit S7.8 "Passing on a buck pays off!"
Rob kills a nice six point in early October. After a brief celebration he spots a larger nine point walking in. Despite providing many shot opportunities Rob opts to pass that buck on to his son, Robert, who is able to connect the following week!

Three Michigan Bucks come off One Small Property! MWP Episode 7.9 "Hard Work"
Mitch did his homework and hung a new stand and planted a small foodplot on a small piece of property in West Michigan. Throughout the year his efforts paid off. Three great bucks were killed with a bow out of the same stand!

Jess kills her first deer during Michigan's late season! MWP S7.10 "First Buck!"

After a tough year Jess is awarded one final opportunity. She puts a great shot on her first deer in the final few days of the season! 

A Season Finale! MWP S7.11 "
As we conclude our online series for the 2016 deer season we reflect on the success had and the memories made! Thanks for watching!